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Thanks for Nothing.

Okay, I guess I won't be journaling here to help heal from this mess.  Apparently one of the people who read this blog, feels the need to tell my husband of my last post.  I am trying to get AWAY from him, and this person felt the need to betray my trust.  Hubby won't tell me who, but that 'They are a good friend to both of us." 

These actions make them not a very good friend in my opinion, but I will leave it at that.

So because of this, I am going to close down this blog and journal privately.  Probably for the best I suppose.  I'm not trying to turn people against him, I'm just trying to heal.

I guess I will do so privately.

So be it.

Cleaning up.

Ok...so my fiction is starting to take over this blog and several folks I want to read my stuff, I DON'T want to read this blog, so I'm moving my writings (essays, poems, shortstories) to another blog.

The Ephemeral Prosaist

I'm going to post the things slowly, currently I only have one poem up.  I hope to have a few more things up by the end of the day, but I after today I will be posting one thing per week, until I run out of things.

If your interested, drop by.

Comments are love. <3

Legacies 1891 Trailer


Happy Birthday Grandpa!

Ben Boyd 2004

Sense my father didn't see it nessasary to stick around, my Grandfather has been the sole male father figure in my life.

I couldn' t have asked for a better one.

He has taught me so many things. Let me count the ways:
  • He has taught me to be a good person, not because of some rules and regulations, or some God that threatens you, no he taught me to be a good person, because it is WORTH it.
  • He has taught me it's ok to be different, and so long as your happy with it, then the world will be too.
  • He taught me it's ok to cry. We all need a good cry now and then.
  • He's taught me to laugh, long and often. The world doesn't hear laughter near often enough.
  • He's taught me patience. Goodness knows he has more than his fair share.
  • He's taught me love and self worth. And that my dear friends, is the most important thing of all.
Happy 82nd birthday Grandpa! I will love you forever.

New shower curtain

First time in my adult life I have a FABRIC shower curtain, as well as the clear plastic one.

Hey, I'M impressed....
New shower curtain


Blank Cards

Where do folks get their blank greeting cards?

I am in need of some cute ones for my Office and I am looking for a decent price.  Think cute, but cheap.

I looked at Vistaprint, and I don't mind them, but I didn't really like any of the ones they had pre-designed.  Well, I could make do with some of them, but still.

Any ideas?


Doll #4 with Doll #1


Here is my new pink and blue doll, snuggling up to the Joe Poppet I made.

I need a name for this one too.  Then she gets a face!  Woot!


Another Doll!

And another crappy picture of said doll! But so far she is my favorite! I am so happy with how she turned out!

She still needs a face. But I'm running a name contest. The winner of the contest shall get....ummm......my undieing gratitude?

Her name will give me a clue as to what expression to sew on her face.

So what do you think? What shall this blue beauty be called?

Another Doll!


Energy Work Class

So thanks to Anna I have a title for my energywork class. I was thinking about putting one together when I was asked by the owner of the chiropractic office I work at to make one up for the staff, and then if it worked out they would offer it up to the clients.

Basically it would focus on definitions and how to keep healthy. I don't want to get too in depth simply because if you don't have previous experiance with quantum physics it gets to be a bit much.

But I'm putting it together and should have something by the end of the summer at the lastest. We will have to see how the adoption stuff goes.


Nerthus doll

I just have to finish her face and she will be done.

Whacha think? I think next time I will make her body smaller and her legs longer. But that will be for the Freya doll, which I think will be the next doll I work on.
Nerthus doll


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